For over 32 years our family-owned, wholesale, lobster company, New England Provisons has been air-shipping lobsters through out the US and internationally . We ship only Grade A+, cold water, hardshell lobsters to our customers. Our guarantee policy ensures that the lobsters arrive alive, on time and insured. The quality of our Maine lobsters has earned  us a reputation for complete customer satisfaction. Read our recent reviews posted on the Better Business Bureau to acquaint you with our quality and service. Over 85% of our weekly orders are repeat orders from our customers.
We sell by the pound for exact, total, net weight ordered. You receive
the exact posted net weight for best value, not short weights of unposted spread weights or lobsters of different sizes. Using the newest technology in live lobster packing with Styrofoam coolers, gelpaks, seaweed and sealed outer cardboard cartons, we ensure the quality of our losbters.  While shipping requires less than 24 hours;  we pack for 48 hours to maintain a cold environment in the insulated cartons.
Maine Lobster Tails sold by the pound in 10 lb cases are a  specialty of ours with the best prices per pound  for cold water lobster tails of the highest quality on the internet. We have a large selection of North Atlantic lobster tails from 4 oz. to 28 ozs.each. We sell at the best prices for premium quality that are much lower than other shippers.

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Our facilities are CCSF,
HACCP & GFSI certified.
All  Wild Seafood Products meet US Federal Sustainability regulations.
Maine Lobster Sold By The Pound.
Thirty-two years air shipping lobsters
Wholesale & Overnight Home Delivery.
 Arrive Alive Guarantee,
Grade A+ Hard Shell.
Premium, Quality, Fresh, Caught Lobsters.
New England Provisions
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No soft shells, shedders, new shells or dead lobsters in your order!
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This is a Website Free Zone  for the following tiresome words: Succulent, Buttery, Mouth Watering, Tasty, Savory, Flavorful, Satisfy, Lobstah, Delicious, Devilishly, Sinfull, Luxurious, Feast, Tantalizing, Taste Buds etc. under the  US Rules of Sensible Advertising, The Laws of Trite, and Boorish Marketing & Blather. Good Grief!.It's not that our lobster is not etc. etc  but If we have to talk you into purchasing how about " Only the best quality for you". We are lobstermen not New York Ad-men.

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