Cold Smoked Salmon

Traditional Scottish Recipe

Back in the days  we cold smoked salmon fillets for many years  and our customers nationwide told us that it was the  best smoked salmon they had ever tried. We provided our product to five of the best hotel chains in the country and a host of independent hotels, restaurants,  chefs and even to the Prince of Wales.  Strange being the best since it is easy and foolproof as long as we followed the original recipe. I can?t kid myself; it was a lot of hard work. Well everything was great until one day our smokehouse burned down. That was the first big problem.

Since our major business was Maine lobster distribution, we settled on maintaining that business. When the internet came along we posted the recipe on our website to let others enjoy this recipe. I thought it was a good idea.  Or so I thought because 15 years later along came a new smoked salmon  problem. The  recipe was causing interference with our lobster business  caused by too many web views for the recipe and too many phone calls.  The biggest problem is that our lobster advertising budget is demolished by the views for the salmon recipe and not lobsters. 

We tried taking the recipe page down which created a new problem, more phone calls.  A web consultant suggested  to charge a small fee si that  the page would become recognized as a  product and not as a view page. So that is where we are at. Hope it works.

I do know one thing and that is you will get the perfect recipe for cold smoked salmon and unsmoked lox just follow it to the letter. Consistent exceptional quality as long as you use the fool proof recipe. A warning to ya laddies do not stray from the recipe and for god's sake don't put sugar, maple syrup or liquid smoke in the batch. Yuke. I have seen many bad recipes on the internet that use sweetners,  fake smoke andnot enough salt. You will be very pleased with your results. Good Luck & buy some lobster!


Chris Morrison, Proprietor

Clan Morrison, Edinburgh

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