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Maine Lobster Tails Recipe

 This recipe works well. Put a 1/3 cup of salt in each  gallon of water used and bring to a boil. Put the thawed tails in the boiling water and poach. Prevent the water from boiling again but keep the heat up. Poaching times for different sizes are listed below.  Take out of the water and cool tails to handle. Turn tails over and cut a vertical incision down the middle of the tail cutting through the cross membranes. Cut into the meat about half an inch. Pry open the tails to  butterfly the tails. You can also cut them in half length wise. I prefer this method especialy as the tails get larger. Brush with melted butter and place the meat side down on the outdoor grill and meat side up for the preheated broiler with door open.  Do not turn over to the shell side on the grill or shell side up under the broiler; the meat will stick.  Take off and brush again with butter and serve.

You are not cooking the tails to look like the advertizements (grill marks, toasted shell etc.). You are cooking for total time. The bane of cooking lobster tails is over cooking them. They become dry and tough. The reason people say big lobsters are tough is they over cooked them either tails or whole lobsters. I do admit the largest tails are hard to cook just right so follow the recipe. If they are not perfectly  cooked then cook them a little longer for the big ones 16 to 28 oz. 

The below times are estimates but work well. The secret is to turn off the cell phone and watch the tails cook keeping an eye on them. Stand there and watch them. Check at the end cooking time for complete cooking especialy on the large tails. Slice one open and take a look. If you tap them with a fork they will jiggle if they are cooked through.

Oz./Tail      Poach Minutes         Broil, Grill

4/5                     2                              3

5/6                     2                              3

6/7                     3                              3

7/8                     3                              3

8/10                   4                              4

10/12                 4                              4

12/14                 4                              5

14/16                 5                              5

16/20                 5                              6-8

20/24                 6                              7-8

24/28                 8                              7-8    


 Keep case of tails in freezer till the day before and tra

nsfer to refrigerator to thaw. Your lobster tails will probably still be somewhat frozen. To sped up thawing entirely on party day put them in a large pot with cold water in which you have added salt (1/3 of a cup per gallon). The exact salt is necessary so that the tails do not absorb any water during thawing. This mixture is sea water brine and will not be absorbed by the tails and make them salty. Fresh water will make them puff and tough.

Freezer life for our tails is good but we recommend to eat them frequently to use them up. Put a remindeer note that you have them in your freezer. Friday night is lobster tail night.