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Fresh Flash Frozen Maine Lobster Tails.  If you are looking to buy lobster tails online you have landed on the right place. Our company is famous for our quality and service distributing Maine lobster tails throughout the United States. 

We sell by the pound in 10 pounds net lobster weight per case. The tails are individually frozen (IQF) for ease of seperating the tails. Customers report that the frozen tails  hold up very well in the freezer for many months.  Especially  if they are repacked in seperate plastic zip bags.  Buy the whole case and have lobsters whenever you want. 
They are a specialty of ours with the best price on the internet. Maine Lobster tails that are not only high quality; they are also fairly priced. Shipping Option for cool weather: Packed with Dry Ice for two day, home & ground delivery save on shipping.

Current Maine Lobster Tail prices 10/21/2017             

                        Ozs.          $/Lb           Tails/case            Price/tail        10 Pound Case

                         4/5        $28.60         31- 35                  $  8.17              $286   Add to Cart
                        5/6        $29.90               29                      $10.31              $299    Add to Cart
                        6/7        $32.50           24-25                  $13.00              $325   Add to Cart
                        7/8        $34.70           21-22                  $15.77              $347   Add to Cart
                       8/10      $36.90           17-18                  $20.50              $369   Add to Cart
                    10/12      $36.90            14-15                 $24.60              $369   Add to Cart
                   12 /14      $36.90            12-13                 $23.38              $369   Add to Cart
                   14/16      $36.90             10-11                 $33.59              $369   Add to Cart
                   16/20      $36.90                9-10                 $36.90              $369   Add to Cart
                   20/24      $                              7-8                  $                              OUT   Add to Cart
                   24/28      $                              6-7                  $                              OUT   Add to Cart

These are the best prices on the Internet for Maine Lobster Tails.
Whole 10 lb case orders only, it keeps prices down. No broken shells only Grade A cold water tails.
Our Maine Lobster Tails are fresh frozen..

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Chris Morrison  Owner
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Wholesale Maine Lobster Pick Ups have to be scheduled 
at Araho Cold Warehouse Boston Seaport.
OPEN  Daily from 8 AM to  8  PM EST
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