This recipe works well. Put a 1/3 cup of salt in each gallon of water used and bring to a boil. Put the thawed tails in the boiling water and poach. Prevent the water from boiling again but keep the heat up. Poaching times for different sizes are listed below. Take out of the water and cool tails to be able to handle. Turn tails over and cut a vertical incision down the middle of the tail cutting through the cross membranes. Cut into the meat about half an inch. Pry open the tails to butterfly the tails. You can also cut them fully in half length wise. I prefer this method especially as the tails get larger. Brush with melted butter and place the meat side down on the outdoor grill and meat side up for the preheated broiler with door open. lobster Meat Rolls are pretty easy to make since they only have a few ingredients. The road side stands all up and down the New England coast serve very good lobster rolls. And it’s a good cheap way to get a lobster salad fix along with fries. They also will have on the menu Maine Crab Meat Rolls.

One of the items that is necessary to make an official New England lobster roll is the hot dog bun. For some reason the hot dog rolls that are sold throughout New England have flat bread sides where the come 8 to a package and are all connected. When you pull the roll away from the others, your hot dog roll has two flat sides and are white bread. These rolls are always buttered on both sides and grilled to a golden brown on both sides. It’s absolutely mandatory to do so to create an authentic lobster or crab roll. Maybe you can cut the sides off of a hot dog roll. Or easier, just butter and grill the inside of split roll; it will taste just the same. Grilling does make the roll very tasty.

The recipe calls for good quality fresh lobster meat. So follow the recipe for boiled lobster and pick the meat out. Frozen Maine lobster meat is used country wide for lobster rolls.. If you can find it. We have it and it is of superior quality with no water or chemicals added. The best lobster meat is fresh. But the frozen is just fine. Lobster meat comes packed (CK) Knuckle & Claw meat – the best, (CKL) Claws, Knuckles and Leg Meat and (TKC) Tail, knuckle and claw meat which is the most expensive. Of course you can boil your own or use left over picked lobster meat.

Simply mix the lobster meat with mayonnaise and stuff the mixture into the already grilled hot dog roll; sprinkle a tiny bit of very fine paprika on top. I personally like Cholula® Hot Sauce on top.

You can add chopped celery & parsley & powdered mustard but most Yankees frown on the idea. Most everybody also agrees to use Cain’s Mayonnaise®. It is all natural and in my opinion it is the best. It is only distributed in New England & New York but you can order it on the internet through specialty shops.

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