This Maine lobster dish is my favorite. It is also handy in the fact that you can save money with it because every diner gets a half a lobster therefore you can go up in size to 3 pound lobster and realize much more lobster meat. The restaurants split the lobster almost in half and stuff.

  • Prepare the Maine lobsters by boiling for half the amount of time recommended.
  • Cut in half when cool or butterfly open making two or one servings.
  • Remove the sack up near the eyes that is their ear and is full of grit.
  • Remove the tamale and the all of the coral, set aside.
  • Remove the intestinal canal.

Now make the stuffing by sauteing diced red peppers (not green ever), diced sweet onion in olive oil. Do not caramelize. Add butter and coarse corn bread crumbs and lobster broth. Use clam broth if you are having clams too. I put all of the tamale and in the stuffing. It makes it taste like lobster.

You can crack the claws and knuckles to remove the meat to chop up and stuff the empty cavity. The end dish looks good with and without claws. However without claws lends itself to easier and more elegant dining.

Fill the Maine lobster cavity with the stuffing “lightly not compacted” and lace olive oil over the tail meat and the stuffing.

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven until the stuffing toasts. Don’t let the legs burn, it dries the meat out inside them. Make sure you have a pan big enough or just place on the oven grill or an outside grill. Don’t burn the shell and legs. Serve with melted butter and hot sauce. I am a big fan of Cholula© Hot Sauce.