Use only the freshest hard shell lobsters. What would happen if you had 12 lobsters, 12 guests and 6 of the lobsters cook up to be mush? So use hard shell lobsters!

Follow the recipes to the letter. Don’t think that if you overcook them they will some how come out better than if you followed the recipe. Use our recipes. Compare them to others. The majority I have read have the cooking times wrong. One clam bake recipe said cook for four hours. I think it was a nasty prank by someone on Wikipedia.

Very Important Do the math!  Number of lobsters divided by the number that can fit in the pot times the cooking time plus the extra time to boil more water if needed equals (take your pick) dinner on time or a bamboozle. Amount of water and cooking times are under the Boiled lobster recipe page.

Be careful cooking large lobsters follow the recipe! Use salted water 1/3 cup per gallon.

You have to use a lot of water to properly boil large lobsters.

If you are going to cut the lobsters in half after cooking please be careful. The horny parts of the arms can inflict quite a cut that for some reason really hurts for days.

Try to cook the lobsters earlier if there are a lot of lobsters and guests.

Do not cook them buried in a hole on the beach. One man told me that he did this on Long Island and it took so long that all  the guests were CWD drinking while waiting and it turned dark and they could not find the place where they buried the lobsters until morning.

Melt the butter over hot water. If you forget to melt the butter do not use a microwave.

Wait for the water to boil. Use a small pot and place it on top of the last batch of lobsters . For Large amount use a crock pot.

Try to relax and have fun. It’s your party enjoy it.  Good Luck!