About Us

For over 34 years our family-owned, wholesale lobster company, has been air-shipping lobsters throughout the US and Internationally. Our guarantee policy ensures that the lobsters arrive alive, on time and insured.  Our quality has earned us a reputation for shipping the finest Grade A lobster throughout the world. We are proud that we were selected for serving  Lufthansa Air and American Airlines for First Class Service with fresh lobster and the Tsukiji Tokyo Seafood Market for weekly shipments of live Maine lobsters.

We sell by the pound for exact, total, net weight ordered. Using the newest technology in live lobster packing with Styrofoam coolers, gel packs, seaweed and sealed outer cardboard cartons, we ensure the quality of our lobsters. While shipping requires less than 24 hours; we pack for 48 hours to maintain a cold environment in the insulated cartons. We can deliver by air cargo with same day service.

Maine Lobster Tails sold by the pound in 10 lb cases are a specialty of ours with the best prices per pound for cold water lobster tails of the highest quality. These are not cheap lobster tails! They are the lowest priced and highest quality available. We have a large selection of North Atlantic lobster tails from 3 oz. to 28 ozs. Never have we received a complaint about the quality; only good reviews from our customers. Check out our BBB reviews.

Jumbo King Crab Legs – The largest King Crab available are now being shipped for Home Delivery. The Recent increase in the fishing stock for King Crab has made it possible to deliver these restaurant quality crab legs to our retail customers. The crab leg sections weigh 1 Lb to 2.5 lbs and the quality is superb.

Wholesale Ordering

Wholesale ordering is only by phone or by fax @508-524-2240 or by email (nepco@mac.com). Not by our website store because crediting account is done by invoice only. If you fax or email in an order, a staff member will call to make sure that you get the lobsters you want on time at the best quality. Our staff can answer any questions you might have concerning pricing and delivery times.

Large orders should be called in to the office for large order pricing.