New England Provisions Company

   We have been a family owned Maine lobster wholesaler since 1985 serving Premier Hotels, Restaurants, Private Clubs, Lufthansa Air and American Airlines. Through the years we expanded our capacity to accomadate any size order. We do have a minimum of 10 Lbs of Lobster.

     For Home Delivery: please review our Lobster Market Selections. We have the best priced, hard shell, Grade A, Quality Maine Lobsters sold  bythe pound on the internet. We will send you the Best Maine Lobster at the Best Price, Bar None !

     Our computerized weighing system allows us to charge you by the pound for the exact weight of your order not by the lobster. See our Weighing & Packing  Policy  to see the benefit of purchasing by true net weight; it is a true value to our customers.

     We provide exclusively hard shell Maine lobsters carefully graded with 100% guaranteed quality. Your order will always contain lobsters of the same size with no discernible difference in size. They will be  the same exact Grade A quality and sizes that we sell to all of our best wholesale customers.  Selects are true selects weighing 1.75 to 4 Pounds. Jumbos are indeed Jumbos weighing 4 to 8 pounds. Check out our Why We Sell By The Pound webpage to find out how the true net weight system works. The website is set up for ordering full cartons, half cartons and for lobster packs. Contact us if you would like fewer or extra lobsters.

    About our website which has been redisigned to be user friendly, Google and Bing friendly, and Mobile/ Tablet usable. On Googles advice we have made the website load faster by removing images, unecessary links and narrowed the design. Also it is easier to read, navigate and select products. We hope  you like it.


Chris Morrison


New England Provisions Co.

508-524-2240 (direct line)

Contact Us: New England Provisions Sales Office
339 Northern Ave
Boston, MA 02110
Chris Morrison  Owner
Phone Calls Only  - No Visitors - Strictly Inforced
Federal Home Land Security Secured Building
Wholesale maine Lobster Pick Ups have to be scheduled 
at Araho Cold Warehouse Boston Seaport.
OPEN  Daily from 8 AM to  8  PM EST