Maine lobster meat, best priced lobster meat, precooked and frozen.

  Claw & Knuckle             24 lb     Carton   12 x 2 Lb. Vacuum Packs.   (CK)

  Claw, Knuckle & Leg    12 lb     Carton   6 x 2 Lb. Vacuum Packs.  (CKL)


Pure, premium lobster meat; no water or chemicals added. Both items of lobster  meat are high quality and processed carefully. Both products contain only pure  lobster meat.  

  These items are the best priced lobster meat on the market:

     $34.50/Lb    CK Meat         12 x 2 Lbs. Paks
     $28.55/Lb CKL Meat            6 x 2 Lbs.  Paks

 Maine Lobster Meat Best Prices

New England Provisions


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