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Boiled Maine Lobster. 

 You would think it would be easy to boil a lobster and then sit down and eat it. But it might not turn out the way you had planned, over cooked and tough, under cooked and raw. But if you follow these directions carefully; you should have a great time. Boiling lobster is the easiest way for some one who has never cooked a lobster. Actualy it would be correct to say "poached" lobster.

Like a good general you have to plan the assault; don't take off the rubber bands. Next you have to figure out how long it is going to take to cook all of the Maine lobsters to have them ready all at once for your party. So keep them in a cool environment while you do the math. You have to know the weight and number of lobsters and the size of your largest pot 3/4's full of salty water (1/3 cup of salt per gallon). The ratio of lobster weight and boiling water volume has to be figured out to roughly come up with a time frame for completion. You can't stuff the pot with too many pounds of lobster; the water cools off too much. So here is the mathematical formula (1.5 quarts of water per pound of lobster).

Taking into account the total amount of water in the 3/4 filled pot you end up with the complete formula of (total # of quarts divided by 1.5 quarts equal the total amount of pounds of lobster to cook at one time).

A standard twenty quart pot filled to 15 quarts will hold ten pounds of lobsters. Broken down to size it will hold 8 Chicken lobster, 6 to 7 one and a half pounders, 4 to 5 2.25 lb lobsters. Now that you have your total number of lobsters you can cook at one time; you need to know the cooking time. The rule of thumb is 8 minutes per pound of lobster. That is a two pound lobster takes 16 minutes to cook. Four 2 pound lobsters take 16 minutes. It is the weight of one of the lobsters not the total weight of all the lobsters. This of course applies to lobsters of all the same size.  Six 2 pound lobsters take 16 minutes.

Broken Down by Weights after boiling restarts.

Chixs  1.14 lb                            8 Minutes

Quarters (Standards) 1.42 lb  9-10

Halves  (Mediums) 1.65 lb     11-12

1.88 lb                                      13

2.0 lb                                        16

2.5 lb                                        20

3.2 lb                                        24

4.0 lb                                        32

5.0 lb                                        40

6.0 lb                                        48

Plunge the lobster head first into the pot and allow the pot to return to a slow rolling not quite boiling by turning it down to stop the boiling. Head first so they don't accidently splash you. Rubber bands on the claws so they don't grab the edge of the pot. They can really hold onto the edge of the pot.  OK It's time to talk about lobster pain. Lobsters do not have a brain.  They do not have a central nervous system. They do not feel pain going into the pot. They are clueless as to what is going on. They are physiologically and emotionally equvalent to a cricket. Rest assured. 

  Do not put a cover on the pot; it will cause it to boil harder. The reason not to boil rapidly is to prevent the fat in the lobster from melting; doing this keeps them tasty. The melted fat will appear as white stuff in the cavity or leaking out of th e lobster. Rapidly boiling water seems to agitate the meat and it is not as tender. Your poaching the lobsters taught to me by a cook named Julia who I am grateful to learn. Cook for the allotted time. I prefer poached lobster over steaming. With steaming it is hard to calculate the cooking time to cook them perfectly.

If you have a large amount of lobsters use more pots. If you are still overwhelmed by the large amount of time for preparation, you can precook the lobsters earlier and drop them in the boiling water for a minute. Remember the CHEF has to have a good time too and not be too tired to enjoy the party!

I prefer to completely cook the lobster and then reheat them in boiling water for a minute. If you looking to save time I would use this method. Trust me they will taste absolutely the same as if you just cooked them and they won't be red hot to touch. You can cook them an hour before your guests arrive and then let them cool at room temperature. If it is a very hot day over 80 degrees in the kitchen cool in the refrigerator if there is a long wait time.

I like to run cold water on them individually to stop the cooking and prevent spoilage.

If your looking to clean Maine lobsters for making lobster meat dishes such as Newburg, you can use the par boil. But I still prefer the fully cooked because the coral or roe in the lobster will have turned from dark green to red in the females. It is a good way to see if a lobster is done by pulling slightly on a cooked female lobster and see if you see green or red. Red coral is done. The green will discolor the tail meat and make it look a little unappetizing for your diners though it does not harm the taste. Remember the females have the feathery little swimmerets under the tail. The males have a sharp spike. The coral or roe is in between the tail and the body in the center of the tail.

Serve with melted butter and Cholula® Hot Sauce.

Hey if you live in the Rockies at 5,000 ft or more, need to adjust cooking times up a couple of minutes. Remember water boils @208 F @ 5000ft and 194 F @ 10,000 ft

To crack open the lobster for your guests is a good thing to do. Makes them easier to eat. Since these are top grade, hard shells the claws need to cracked in the following manner. Nutcrackers will probably not work except on the smallest lobsters,

How to crack open the claws and tails of a hard shell lobster.

A knuck cracker will not open the claw of a hard shell lobster

After the lobsters have cooled pick one up and turn it over on a wood chopping board. Take a large knife or better a meat cleaver and use the blunt edge of the knife or cleaver to rap the lobster on the claw right across its palm. As if your striking an open hand with a ruler like the nuns used to do to me. You will get used to it easily. Rap it a little harder untill the claw suddenly cracks right across the palm. Do both Claws. Next with a sharp knife cut the under side of the tail from the top to the end of the tail. Cutting thru the membrane like a zipper. Now your guest can easilyget at the lobster meat. Good Luck. Call Chris at 800-872-1578 for any questions. I would be glad to help out.

Baked Stuffed Maine Lobster Recipe
This Maine lobster dish is my favorite. It is also handy in the fact that you can save money with it because every diner gets a half a lobster therefore you can go up in size to 3 pound lobster and realize much more lobster meat. The restaurants split the lobster almost in half and stuff.

Prepare the Maine lobsters by boiling for half the amount of time recommended.
Cut in half when cool or  buttefly  open making two or one servings.
remove the sack up near the eyes that is their ear and is full of grit.
remove  the tamale and the all of the coral, set a side.
remove the intestinal canal.

Now make the stuffing by sauteing diced red peppers (not green ever),
diced sweet onion in olive oil. Do not caramelize. Add butter and coarse corn bread crumbs and lobster broth. Use clam broth if you are having clams too. I put all of the tamale and  in the stuffing. It makes it taste like lobster.

You can crack the claws and knuckles to remove the meat to chop up and stuff the empty cavity. The end dish looks good with and without claws. However without claws lends itself to easier and more elegant dining.

Fill the Maine lobster cavity with the stuffing "lightly not compacted" and lace olive oil over the tail meat and the stuffing.

Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven until the stuffing toasts. Don't let the legs burn, it dries the meat out inside them. Make sure you have a pan big enough or just place on the oven grill or an outside grill. Don't burn the shell and legs. Serve with melted butter and hot sauce. I am a big fan of Cholula© Hot Sauce

Maine Lobster Tails Recipe

 This recipe works well. Put a 1/3 cup of salt in each  gallon of water used and bring to a boil. Put the thawed tails in the boiling water and poach. Prevent the water from boiling again but keep the heat up. Poaching times for different sizes are listed below.  Take out of the water and cool tails to be able to handle. Turn tails over and cut a vertical incision down the middle of the tail cutting through the cross membranes. Cut into the meat about half an inch. Pry open the tails to  butterfly the tails. You can also cut them fully in half length wise. I prefer this method especialy as the tails get larger. Brush with melted butter and place the meat side down on the outdoor grill and meat side up for the preheated broiler with door open.  Do not turn over to the shell side on the grill or shell side up under the broiler; the meat will stick.  Take off and brush again with butter and serve. I recommend use of the oven broiler. They come out better. The grill is uneven heat. It is easy to over cook. Besides it is time consuming and the broiler does a simpler better job and cooler.

You are not cooking the tails to look like the advertizements (grill marks, toasted shell etc.). You are cooking for total time. The bane of cooking lobster tails is over cooking them. They become dry and tough. The reason people say big lobsters are tough is they over cooked them.  I do admit the largest tails are longer to cook just right so follow the recipe. If they are not perfectly  cooked then cook them a little longer for the big ones 16 to 28 oz. 

The below times are estimates but work well. The secret is to turn off the cell phone and watch the tails cook keeping an eye on them. Stand there and watch them. Check at the end cooking time for complete cooking especialy on the large tails. Slice one open and take a look. If you tap them with a fork they will jiggle if they are cooked through.

A secret to cooking lobster tails is use a timer, pay attention and turn off your cell phone.

Oz./Tail      Poach Minutes         Broil, Grill

4/5                     2                              3

5/6                     2                              3

6/7                     3                              3

7/8                     3                              3

8/10                   4                              4

10/12                 4                              4

12/14                 4                              5

14/16                 5                              5

16/20                 5                              6-8

20/24                 6                              7-8

24/28                 8                              7-8    


 Keep case of tails in freezer till the day before and transfer to refrigerator to thaw. Your lobster tails will probably still be somewhat frozen. To sped up thawing entirely on party day put them in a large pot with cold water in which you have added salt (1/3 of a cup per gallon). The exact salt is necessary so that the tails do not absorb any water during thawing. This mixture is sea water brine and will not be absorbed by the tails and make them salty. Fresh water will make them puff and tough.

Freezer life for our tails is very good but we recommend to eat them frequently to use them up. Put a remindeer note that you have them in your freezer. Friday night is lobster tail night. Customers have reported keeping them 12 months in the freezer and they cooked up fine as the first time.

Authentic Maine Lobster Roll Recipe

Lobster Meat Rolls are pretty easy to make since they only have a few ingredients. The road side stands all up and down the New England coast serve very good lobster rolls. And it's a good cheap way to get a lobster salad fix along with fries. They also will have on the menu Maine Crab Meat Rolls.

One of the items that is necessary to make an official New England lobster roll is the hot dog bun. For some reason the hot dog rolls that are sold throughout New England have flat bread sides where the come 8 to a package and are all connected. When you pull the roll away from the others, your hot dog roll has two flat sides and are white bread. These rolls are always buttered on both sides and grilled to a golden brown on both sides. It's absolutely mandatory to do so to create an authentic lobster or crab roll. Maybe you can cut the sides off of a hot dog roll. Or easier, just butter and grill the inside of split  roll; it will taste just the same. Grilling does make the roll very tasty.

The recipe calls for good quality fresh lobster meat. So follow the recipe for boiled lobster and pick the meat out.  Frozen Maine lobster meat is used country wide for lobster rolls.. If you can find it. We have it and it is of superior quality with no water or chemicals added. The best lobster meat is fresh. But the frozen is just fine. Lobster meat comes packed  (CK) Knuckle & Claw meat - the best,  (CKL) Claws, Knuckles and Leg Meat and  (TKC) Tail, knuckle and claw meat which is the most expensive. Of course you can boil your own or use left over picked lobster meat.

Simply mix the lobster meat with mayonnaise and stuff the mixture into the already grilled hot dog roll; sprinkle a tiny bit of very fine paprika on top. I personally like Cholula® Hot Sauce on top.

You can add chopped celery & parsley & powdered mustard but most Yankees frown on the idea. Most everybody also agrees to use Cain's Mayonnaise®. It is all natural and in my opinion it is the best. It is only distributed in New England & New York but you can order it on the internet through specialty shops.

Cain's Mayonnaise ® is a registered trade mark of the

Cains Foods, L.P. of Ayer, MA and is used with permission.

There is no commercial reason or agreement with any of the companies and their products other than I like them.  Period!

Maine Lobster Recipes Cooking Lobster Advice & Tips

Use only the freshest hard shell lobsters. What would happen if you had 12 lobsters, 12 guests and 6 of the lobsters cook up to be mush? So use hard shell lobsters!

Follow the recipes to the letter. Don't think that if you over cook them they will some how come out better than if you followed the recipe. Use our recipes. Compare them to others. The majority I have read have the cooking times wrong. One clam bake recipe said cook for four hours. I think it was a nasty prank by someone on Wikipedia.

Very Important Do the math!  Number of lobsters divided by the number that can fit in the pot times the cooking time plus the extra time to boil more water if needed equals (take your pick) dinner on time or a bumboozell. Amount of water and cooking times are under the Boiled lobster recipe page.

Be careful cooking large lobsters follow the recipe! Use salted water 1/3 cup per gallon.

You have to use a lot of water to properly boil large lobsters.

If you are going to cut the lobsters in half after cooking please be careful. The horny parts of the arms can inflict quite a cut that for some reason really hurts for days.

Try to cook the lobsters earlier if there are a lot of lobsters and guests.

Do not cook them buried in a hole on the beach. One man told me that he did this on Long Island and it took so long that all  the guests were CWD drinking while waiting and it turned dark and they could not find the place where they buried the lobsters until morning.

Melt the butter over hot water. If you forget to melt the butter do not use a microwave.

Wait for the water to boil. Use a small pot and place it on top of the last batch of lobsters . For Large amount use a crock pot.

Try to relax and have fun. It's your party enjoy it.  Good Luck!

Expert and Easy Maine Lobster Recipes

I have under the advice of family and friends to offer our recipes as an online Seafood Recipe Book. We discovered through Google© that our company's website was receiving a great number of down loads from our recipe pages.

I have made every recipe that is included on our Website. I also have made all of the recipes many times over because they are family favorites. There are four products I endorse in my recipes with permission of the individual companies. The only reason I mention them by brand name is that I use them and they work the best for my recipes.There is no connection between our companies. I do include a link but not for any contractible reasons. I just like their products. I also caught most of the seafood that I serve at home during warm weather. I have been fishing and digging clams all my life and I owe that interest to my father Bill Morrison and my uncle Bill Stone who seemed to always be in the West Falmouth harbor digging clams, and fishing or lobster trapping in Buzzards Bay. I have never known anyone who liked clams more than them. Real Cape Codders. I have many more recipes to add which will take some time. It's lobster season and there is no free time until January.

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